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Our books selection

Culture | 12 SEPTEMBRE 2018

Welcome to Los Angeles Rive Gauche : Our books selection !

Destination Los Angeles ! To accompany the “Los Angeles Rive Gauche” exhibition, the Le Bon Marché bookshop has selected the essential works for bringing some Californian sunshine into your life this autumn.

Pick up a novel, photograph book or a well-being recipe collection to escape to the beaches of Malibu or the legendary skate parks of Venice.

Serge Ramelli, Los Angeles

French photographer Serge Ramelli specialises in urban and landscape photography. After journeying to Paris and New York, in this work he turns his lens to the vast and complex coastal metropolis of Los Angeles, whose name “City of Angels” reflects its Hispanic-Mexican influence, despite being more familiarly known by the affectionate acronym « L.A. ».

Denis Hopper, Photographs 1961-1967

In the 1960s, Dennis Hopper took his camera everywhere: from film shoots, parties and dinners, to bars, art galleries and demonstrations. Compiled by Hopper himself and complemented by trenchant texts and excerpts from interviews, this work recounts the prodigious photographic career of one of America’s most fascinating and iconic figures.

Catharina Hedberg, The Ashram Cookbook : The Way We Eat

Prefaced by Cindy Crawford and presenting over 100 healthy recipes, “The Ashram Cookbook” is in vogue with Californian celebrities. From early morning with fresh fruit breakfast bowls, to creative lunch salads, not forgetting energising smoothies to sip after sport or plates of invigorating vegetables for dinner, the recipes are adapted to every time of day.

Goop, Beauté Naturelle by Goop

Drawing on the beauty, health and lifestyle tips published on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop, Clean Beauty is a kind of natural beauty bible. In addition to beauty tips using natural solutions, it presents the practices of a healthy lifestyle: diet and detox cures, and the importance of sleep, physical exercise and one's environment – the perfect feel-good book to start the year on the right foot.

Alain Gardinier, The Endless Summer : la légende du surf, 1960-1970

“The Endless Summer” is unquestionably the most famous and most important of all surf films. Two young Californians lead the quest for an eternal summer, causing thousands of surfers and non-surfers to embark on a journey to discover new countries, new peoples and new experiences. Alain Gardinier recounts the creation of the film while retracing an incredible social and cultural adventure: that of “surf culture”. DVD included.

Clairborne Swanson Frank, Young Hollywood

Swanson Frank has photographed over 60 young women embodying the next generation of Hollywood. This work reveals her superb portraits, which include actresses, directors, producers, screenwriters and stylists, from Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss, to Dakota Johnson, Mickey Sumner and Amber Heard. All the glamour of the women of Hollywood in a single book.