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Meet: La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge is a new makeup brand that reconciles eco-responsibility and luxury. New cosmetic sensation 100% made in France, it offers an object of high leather, rechargeable and without plastic. The meeting of Nicolas Gerlier with Ezra Petronio was decisive, the latter signing all the aesthetic part of the brand. For the Geek Mais Chic exhibition, La Bouche Rouge offers you the opportunity to create a customized lipstick, thanks to technology!

Meet Nicolas Gerlier, the co-founder of this brand to follow!

How did La Bouche Rouge come about?

I’ve been working in this industry for over ten years, watching it gradually evolve, shift, fluctuate... I’m convinced of the fact that my generation can no longer think, create or consume in the way that previous ones did. Did you know that my generation throws away a billion lipsticks worldwide every year? An eighth continent made of rubbish, about to implode! Nowadays, beauty has to be eco-responsible, meaningful and incorporate social action. An idea was taking shape in my mind until the very day I decided to unleash my own vision. Meeting Ezra Petronio a year ago was instrumental. He is responsible for the brand aesthetic.
What better than a French brand to lead this eco-responsible revolution? Lipstick is becoming symbolic of each and every woman's commitment to supporting this ever more prominent initiative.
La Bouche Rouge provides an alternative to current consumption.

Why lipstick?

Lipstick is an iconic object, an accessory that can be found in any handbag. Over the course of several decades, it has morphed into this single-use plastic product. I wanted to give it back its prestige by reinventing it. At the turn of the century, the only lipstick women had came in refillable metal holders!
In the social media era, lipstick is a signature, a statement symbolising commitment.

Impossible aujourd'hui de faire de la beauté sans être éco-responsable, sans donner du sens, sans s'intégrer dans un projet sociétal.

You’re offering customers at Le Bon Marché the chance to create their own bespoke lipstick as part of the "Geek Mais Chic" exhibition. Talk us through that...

In effect, our unique technology enables us to create endless different colours on request for customers at Le Bon Marché. We can match the colour from an item of clothing or an accessory using a device connected to our Atelier. We also provide an inspiration book, allowing customers to choose a colour to suit their skin tone or preferences with the assistance of our colour experts.
Every colour is unique and numbered. Customers can even name the shade featured on the paper casing. The colour is also produced at our Atelier and delivered to customers directly in the space of a week to 10 days, depending on where they are in the world.

Would you say product personalisation is part of a beauty trend?

Personalisation is clearly a key trend, as we all want to be able to express our individuality. It appeals to us specifically because our approach involves giving everyday objects a new lease of life and added interest. And what better way of achieving this than with something personalised to your specifications?

How would you describe the "perfect lipstick"?

There's no such thing as the perfect shade. The perfect lipstick is whichever one makes the wearer feel good about themselves.
The perfect lipstick is stylish, refillable and eco-friendly, produced with respect for the the planet, those who wear it, as well as those involved in making it.
It feels comfortable to wear and is long-lasting, for a flawless make-up result. It also has a clean formula, one free from microplastics, toxic chemicals and allergens.

What does being Geek Mais Chic mean to you?

Geek Mais Chic puts technology at the service of style.
Creating a colour to order, perhaps inspired by a work of art, is a very romantic idea, brought into being thanks to cutting-edge technology and a special algorithm.

La Bouche Rouge est une invitation à consommer différemment.