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Meet : Atelier Paulin

Portrait | May 6th, 2019


While looking for the perfect birth gift for her daughter, Anne-Sophie Baillet came up with the idea of ​​creating her jewelry brand: Atelier Paulin. For this, Anne-Sophie and her friend Matthias Lavaux challenge themselves to perpetuate ancestral know-how by designing jewels from a simple gold wire, fully customizable by hand.

Looking for a unique gift for your Mom on Mother's Day? It's time to crack for a piece from Atelier Paulin's collection!

Who's behind Atelier Paulin jewellery?

After 5 years as a press officer in the fashion industry and 10 years working in events, I wanted a fresh start. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so going it alone and taking risks has never felt scary to me. I didn’t know anything about jewellery before creating Atelier Paulin, but I’m passionate about it and learned as I went along. I love the idea of living many lives in a lifetime!

Why jewellery?

It was a happy accident.
When my daughter Colette was born, I went looking for a piece of jewellery to personalise with her name. I couldn't find anything I liked, so I had a bracelet made by a craftsperson that I knew. Everyone who saw it admired it, not least because it was personalised. Then I started promoting it on social media and Atelier Paulin was born.
Incidentally, Paulin was my father’s name.

How would you describe the style of Atelier Paulin jewellery?

We make wire out of precious metal in order to fashion unique pieces of jewellery. Our strikingly simple creations are produced by passionate craftspeople, entirely by hand and always made to order. We work with fine materials and combine them with natural gemstones. Our pieces are like tattoos in terms of their sentimentality.

You're offering personalisation at Le Bon Marché. Why is it important to showcase the craftsperson?

Atelier Paulin is this wonderful, human adventure. Craftsmanship is central to the experience we offer. Our jewellery is entirely made by hand, to order and right in front of the customer. It’s made using traditional expertise that was on the verge of being lost; the art of shaping jewellery by hand from wire made of precious metal.

Which piece do you think would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Our mother & child capsule collection featuring the words Love and Maman is ideal for Mother’s Day or as a new baby gift. The capsule collection is available for customisation exclusively at Le Bon Marché!

Which words do you wear?

I always have the name of my daughter, Colette, on my wrist. I also wear the "Amour" necklace in 18 carat gold wire and watermelon tourmaline from our latest collection of jewellery.