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Interiors: Sanctuary Trend

Design | 7th October


Moving on from summer's "Artist’s Atelier" interior design trend, décor for winter 2020 is about getting back to basics, spending time with family and switching off from hectic urban life.

Home takes the form of a secluded retreat, somewhere between a tree house, an architectural pod structure built on the edge of a big lake and a neo-nomadic bivouac. Decorated with natural and organic materials like wood and light colours, the distinctly wintry looking space is made to feel warmer with the addition of sheepskin, natural leather and thick throws contributing to a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

In his bubble

Since everything goes fast outside, the desire to stay at home is felt in order to recreate a place of serenity and calm. Like the Danish philosophy of "hygiene", the winter trend invites us to focus on ourselves and the essential rather than on the outside world. Digital detox, reconciliation with nature or refusal of the superfluous are the new principles of a way of life that privileges convenience and simplicity__.

GOFI, Taco "stools", Goula and Figuera design, in solid oak.

Home space, 1st floor.

The clean but cosy interior

In terms of decoration, the "Sanctuary Trend" feeds through into stripped-back interiors and the use of raw materials like wood and stone. The streamlined colour palette focuses on natural and neutral shades like white, sea or spruce green, beige, red ochre and chestnut brown, enhanced by the flood of natural light into the rooms.

But simple doesn’t have to mean plain in this humble but inviting environment. Candles, snuggly blankets, pelts, rugs, soft cushions and plants help fill the home with positive energy.

KANN DESIGN Studio Adónde design "Ti" low armchair; CLASSICON Taidgh O’Neill design "Taidgh D" shelf; ASCETE Pierre Gonalons & Stories of Italy design "King Sun Murano" table lamp; COLÉ ITALIA Agustina Bottoni design "Costantin" book ends.

Espace Maison, 1st and 2nd floors.

The room invites you to serenity, with its wooden bed facing the horizon and its minimalism almost monastic. The bathroom has a modest style, while the kitchen and dining room become the central rooms promoting for festive dinners and meetings with family or friends. The matt brass, monolithic terracotta, wooden utensils match on the table, a nod to the herbarium spirit, as if the hosts had deposited the leaves and flowers freshly picked in the morning in the forest.

LEFT RIVE RIGHT MARKET, duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases and towels; GALERIE MØBLER, coffee table; IITTALA, "Virva" lamps, Matti Klenell design; LOU DE CASTELLANE, artificial plants; HORIZN STUDIOS__, connected cabin case "M5".

Home space, 1st and 2nd floor.

En savoir plus (anglais)

Spotlight on two guest brands


Tinja promises to take you on a journey around Tunisia through the creative vision of the Sfar family, to discover handcrafted Tunisian treasures alongside the men and women that still produce them. This contemporary craft project features a collection of short-run and unique handcrafted objects and furnishings made by artisans from all over Tunisia.

The creative ambition is to recreate this array of skills by including various examples of them in the collection, as well as combine them with each other to find a balance between the qualities of each material.

Tinja, Tube vase, H 35 x Ø 15 cm, band at the bottom.

Espace Maison, 1st floor.


Uniqka is a design brand based in Istanbul that combines traditional production techniques with a contemporary aesthetic approach. Uniqka works with designers from around the world and all its pieces are handmade using natural leather. The collection includes lighting, side tables, tableware and wall decorations.

Uniqka, Daphne plates.

Espace Maison, 1st floor.