BYREDO Flowerhead Perfume 100 ml


Flowerhead Perfume 100 ml

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This season, Ben Gorham (founder of the Swedish perfume house Byredo) explores his cultural heritage with a perfume inspired by an Indian wedding. This is a sumptuous event that traditionally lasts a week, and celebrates the union of two families as much as that of two people. At its heart lies an eminently symbolic character in which flowers play a central role. At the heart of Flowerhead lies wild sambac jasmine. Originally from southern India, the sambac flower is larger and fuller than its European cousin, and is traditionally used in the bride's hair and the necklaces worn by the couple. Combined with this white, fresh, floral, lightweight, and exhilarating fragrance is a harmony of tuberose bathed in dew and lucky rose petals - essential for the perfumed ambiance of such occasions. The effect is hypnotic: a storm of dancing notes that come together in a complex and paradoxical ritual made from light and shadow, sweetness and acidity, softness and ardor. A powerful sacrament that celebrates flowers' purity before giving way to the warm scent of amber and velvet.

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      • Top notes : Angelica Seeds, Sicilian lemon, lingonberry
      • Heart notes : Wild jasmine Sambac, dewy tuberose, rose petals
      • Base notes : Fresh amber, suede
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