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Los Angeles Rive Gauche : Sunrise !

Event | 3 SEPTEMBRE 2018


The sunrise signals the start of each day. In Los Angeles, the first few hours of the day are devoted to wellness, spirituality and finding one’s centre.

On the first floor, you can find natural beauty products, yoga wear, scented candles and accessories for the home, ethical jewellery and semi-precious stones, facial massages and care products, and even cereal and healthy juice brands. Stock up on good vibes from LA!


In Los Angeles, regular yoga practice is a real institution. To celebrate this, a pop-up yoga studio has opened its doors on the first floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Start your day with the founder of Paris’s Kshanti yoga studio and the Alo clothing brand, who will be offering yoga classes all day long.

Classes everyday at 11:30AM — 1:30PM — 3PM — 5PM
Information and subscription by email : relationsclientele@lebonmarche.fr
or by telephone : 01 44 39 81 81

Pictured opposite: Chan Luu jewellery, Good Hyouman sweatshirt and Koral yoga pants.

Available at the studio every morning and evening: Pound Fit. Discover the Los Angeles exercise class attracting wannabe musicians and fitness fans alike. Created to combine the two, Pound Fit incorporates drumming lessons, Pilates and energetic, intense cardio dancing to the beat of Ripstix (drumsticks).

Class at 10AM wednesday to saturday and at 6:30 PM from wednesday to sunday.
Information and subscription by email : relationsclientele@lebonmarche.fr or by telephone 01 44 39 81 81

Your yoga outfit

Fine Line, bra

Tamra, copper bottle ; Conrad Men's, meditation's pillow, APL, sneakers

Good Hyouman, legging


Next, enjoy a moment of relaxation with a Goop facial massage. Goop – a beauty brand and lifestyle label founded by Gwyneth Paltrow – offers a way of life designed to do you good inside and out. The products in the Goop range are formulated using non-toxic, natural active ingredients to give you the famous Californian« Goop Glow ».

Goop facial massage : September the 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd from 2PM to 7PM, 1st floor, free for one Goop product bought.

Opposite : Bath salts, eau de parfum, rich face oil, revitalizing day cream, perfection eye cream, instant exfoliating mask, night cream, luminous face cleanser, Goop.

For hair that radiates that post-holiday glow or the sunkissed Californian beach look, stop off at Marisol for its three-step « Plein Soleil » range. With its shampoo, pigmented potion and serum entirely made from natural ingredients, the products in the “Plein Soleil” range restore strength and shine while giving blonde hair attractive sunkissed highlights.

1 hour appointment : massage and brushing included, 1st floor.
Appointment at 01 71 37 86 21

Opposite : « Plein soleil » blond dye by Marisol. 1st floor or Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

The Beauty Selection

Lilah B, lip balm

Skin Gym, facial roll

Kosas, blush

To finish off your perfect Californian look, don’t forget to make a trip to NCLA for a manicure using vegan nail polish that is not tested on animals. From “7-free” nail polishes to paraben-free lipsticks, NCLA products embody the Californian lifestyle that respects mind and body. With glamorous red, sunny yellow and navy blue, the toughest part is choosing which colour!

Opposite : NCLA nail polish, pop-up located at the 1st floor

Last but not least, stop off at Echo, one of the most in-vogue neo-Californian canteens.
Sample its menu of homemade options for everyone, from avocado toast to multigrain porridge. Enjoy them at any time of day, all in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Opposite : Echo, 1st floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Read the portrait and have fun making their Matcha and orange blossom pudding recipe exclusively devised for La Grande Épicerie de Paris.

And for a total LA look, channel your inner Californian by artfully stacking your jewellery.

Luv Aj, rings

Chan Luu, necklaces

Girls Crew, earrings and necklaces