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Meet: Anine Bing


In 2012 Anine Bing launched her brand, a concentrate of femininity. The timeless pieces such as the lace caracos, boots or even little black dresses that she thoughfully curates, conveys the fusion of her scandinavian heritage and Los Angeles spirit.

For our Los Angeles Rive Gauche exhibition, Anine Bing reveals her inspirations.

What gave you the idea to launch your own brand ?

For me, living in LA, I was so inspired with the style out here but at the same time, felt there was a gap in the market.. I couldn't quite find that perfect pair of denim, or the perfect every day bootie.. So I decided to start designing because I genuinely just wanted to make clothes that I personally wanted to wear every day.. In the beginning, my husband and I were trying to sell a lot of my old clothes - vintage jeans, etc.. And when everything sold out in a couple of hours on our little web shop, we realized we had an idea there. I had been blogging for years, so I already had this built-in audience that I could speak to, so it felt like a really natural next step to start the company.

What is your daily source of inspiration in LA ?

Everything from visits to the flea markets and swap meets.. to seeing what different types of girls are wearing on the street every day.. to checking out new restaurants.. going to see new music.. walking the farmers' markets on the weekends.. visiting museums or galleries that interest me.. I get inspired on a day to day basis being here, just living this lifestyle, being near the beach, the mountains, the palm trees...

How would you describe the style of Anine Bing ?

Effortless, bold, timeless, rock and roll, confident.

Your clothes don’t follow the rythm of seasons, why did you make that choice ?

I think a traditional fashion cycle can over complicate things.. We just wanted our customer to be able to shop something as soon as they see it, which is why our company operates off the "see now buy now" business model. It keeps things fresh, it keeps people excited and coming back and always anticipating the next drop. Fashion should be fun and immediate in my opinion.

What are your essentials pieces of your wardrobe ?

A classic statement boot. A leather jacket. The perfect vintage tee and perfect pair of jeans...

What Paris (specially the Rive Gauche) means to you ?

Paris is a city of romance and love and history and style and classic cool.. It's been one of my favorite cities for years, so I was thrilled when we got to open a store in Le Marais, one of my favorite areas in the city. There's an energy around Paris that is so vibrant and inspirational. I think French women are some of the chicest in the world, and they really nail the effortless, cool vibe that I think our brand really personifies. Walking the streets alone, there's a buzzing in the air that I don't think you can find anywhere else.

What is your favorite spot in LA ?

That's tough.. I love hiking Griffith Park with the family and being outside.. The Rose Bowl flea market is one of my favorite spots, it's once a month and you can find the most amazing treasures there from vintage clothes to antique furniture.. For restaurants I love Pace or Chateau Marmont, both classic and delicious. I also just love our home and love being home with family and friends, cooking, spending time together outside - those are moments I cherish the most..