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Meet : ECCO

Portrait | 18 MARS 2019

The expression "Finding a shoe on your feet" makes perfect sense with the ECCO brand, which, as part of the Geek et Chic exhibition, offers a customization service for the sole thanks to the Quant-U machine.

Meet the 3 creators who reveal all the secrets of this shoe from the future!

Could you introduce your brand, ECCO ?

ECCO is a Danish brand established in 1963. ECCO owns and manages practically every aspect of the value chain from tanneries and shoe manufacturing to wholesale and retail activities. Our products are sold in 90 countries from over 2,200 ECCO shops and more than 14,000 sales points

For the exhibition « Geek mais Chic » at Le Bon Marché, Ecco personnalizes shoes with « Quant-U », can you explain how it works and what is the process for clients ?

The Quant-U experience is a straightforward customization approach in three steps.
The first step is the anatomical scan; in around 30 seconds we capture the shape of the customers feet.
Second, we use a pair of smart shoes with embedded sensors to measure, on a treadmill, the customer gait, stability pattern, total energy exerted on the ground and a myriad of other parameters used for the customization process.
Third, a 3D printer in the store will receive from our data cloud a file that has been generated based on the data from the first two steps.
This will be 3D printed in a unique process involving liquid silicone.
After around an hour, a pair of customized midsoles are ready to wear in one of our bestselling sneaker, available in 5 colors for LBM

Grâce à la technologie, nous sommes en mesure d’offrir à un client particulier les chaussures les plus confortables qui soient.

Why do you think personalization for shoes is so important ?

Traditionally, footwear is developed for average fitting people, but nobody is truly average.
There are so many issues that arise from odd fitting shoes or lack of support or cushioning for certain activities.
Without getting too much in detail with the parameters we can tune to mitigate such issues, we can just say that we are able to offer the most comfortable shoe for a particular customer.

Does the future of shoes necessarily involve new technologies in your opinion ?

Comfort and health will be paramount aspects in both active and fashion footwear.
Customers are more and more demanding, hype and megatrends, as we notice from our industry, are very fast and volatile
To be ahead of the curve, technology will be instrumental in bringing additional values and experiences.
If only for customization or connectivity or social interaction, technology will undeniably have a larger role in fashion as soon as it is used to augment a product, service or experience. With our project and its highly technological features, we believe to have achieved that goal. Using human insights for the inception of a better product while offering unprecedented personal insights.

What is your definition of « Geek mais Chic » ?

A cool catch phrase to quickly state that technology is becoming more and more entangled with fashion and I couldn’t agree more.
Data is more and more part of our life and those visionary enough to embrace this trend in fashion, especially luxury fashion, in my opinion, will be rewarded.