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Meet : Kuantom

Portrait | March 4, 2019

Come and sip a cocktail worthy of the third millennium in between all the other digital experiences on offer at Le Bon Marché!
Brought to you by Kuantom, these cocktails and mocktails are entirely created by Orkestra, the first connected robot to reinvent the experience of drinking and mixing cocktails.
Le Bon Marché met Alexis, Simon and Valentin, the trio behind Kuantom, to get the inside scoop on these cocktails. To be enjoyed in moderation, bien sûr !

What can you tell us about the concept behind Kuantom?

The Kuantom concept embraces modern and intuitive science, where the world of mixology meets with expertise passed down through the ages and the world of technology. Cocktails are a symphony of flavours, blended to perfection according to a colourful and tantalising recipe.

After four years of research and development, Kuantom can unveil the new architect of your cocktails and mocktails: Orkestra, the first smart connected mixologist.

What inspired you to revolutionise the art of making cocktails using technology?

The idea behind this "revolution" was to provide access to mixology, a barman’s skill for mixing drinks, where it didn’t exist, by offering an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

We are also interested in developing a version in the future that can learn how to recommend personalised compositions based on an individual's tastes and frequency of consumption.

Without technique, creativity is not based on anything

Orkestra, a revolution in mixology

How does the Orkestra machine work?

Orkestra can recognise the ingredients in various smart connected bottles built into the top of the machine. By selecting a recipe using a special mobile app, Orkestra can accurately measure out each of the ingredients and combine them to make a cocktail in seconds.

Which cocktails are on offer at the Kuantom pop-up bar at Le Bon Marché*?

There are three different recipe types to try: the "Découvertes": 8 cocktails created with or without alcohol and incorporating exotic ingredients like sumac, hibiscus and yuzu. The "Takeaways": 5 cocktails created with or without alcohol and served in cubika vials to take away with you and relive the experience at home. Finally, there are the "Signatures": 10 cocktails created especially for the exhibition, in partnership with Moynat, La Mer, Royal Bliss and Moët Hennessy.

*Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health. Drink in moderation.

For us, the perfect cocktail is the combination of ingredients in perfect harmony with each other. From the ingredient to the selection of the glass until the choice of the condiment, the whole scenography plays a role on the experience.

You’ve created special cocktails for Moynat and La Mer, which are exclusively available at Le Bon Marché. How do you express a brand’s identity through the unique flavours in a cocktail?

For La Mer, we drew inspiration from their core product: the concentrate. We created the recipe by combining different ingredients found in this concentrate, specifically lime juice, lavender syrup and home-made seaweed syrup, adding an iodized foam to emphasise the marine element.

For Moynat, we created cocktails based on their new range of bags which is about to be launched, inspired by Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort). We worked on making the "Delphine et Solange" cocktails in blue and pink in reference to the main characters from the cult film.
What does Geek Mais Chic mean to you?

What does Geek Mais Chic mean to you?

For us, Geek Mais Chic embodies new services and consumer uses in all these forms. At Kuantom, Geek Mais Chic is the technological progress allowing for new taste experiences.
Being able to take the customer on a sensory journey with a cocktail!