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Fermeture exceptionnelle


Event | 18 mars 2019


With today's technology, it's now possible to travel somewhere in a split second thanks to virtual reality, or, on the other hand, to slow the pace and immerse yourself in an engaging and relaxing world without leaving your armchair.

Whether you're “geeky yet relaxed” or “geeky yet on time”, you can enjoy an extratemporal experience at Le Bon Marché!


And what's better than letting yourself be carried away with BodyFriend ?

Take a seat in one of them and allow yourself to be immersed in a world of relaxation and well-being. Bodyfriend makes you realize the importance of taking care of your body to be in perfect harmony with your mind.

Whether after a day at the office or after the sport, the chair reproduces a human massage as if there were no less than 8 years taking care of you!

To try without moderation !

Not far from Bodyfriend, discover the digital bar Kuantom where you can enjoy the cocktail of the third millennium ! Live the experience of a cocktail made by a machine in a few minutes thanks to the digital tablet. You can also treat yourself with small yummy dishes. What to have fun, with moderation of course !
To know all the secrets of these cocktails, find Kuntom's interview here.

ECCO's Quant-U project analyzes your feet and scans them thanks to the combination of sensors and a 3D scan. Its intelligent software enables to print a unique silicone midsole, totally adapted to your feet for unparalleled comfort. Each tailored midsole is bespoke to the natural variations of each foot, because no two feet are the same.


And if you just want a relaxing time cut off from everything, Sonos and his connected house will be perfect for you ! Sit comfortably in Sonos’ room to live a unique audio experience : Use your voice to broadcast and control soundtracks, playlists and more. Alexa, the artificial intelligence will be there to meet all your needs. Want to listen to the radio? Please specify which one to Alexa! If the music is too loud, ask her to decrease the sound.
__And if everything was possible just with the sound of your voice?



Let yourself embark on a virtual reality adventure that will enable you to drive at full speed on a circuit to finally plunge down the mechanism of a watch.

After that, TAG Heuer invites you in store to select in a few clicks, your favorite timepieces, and from a rotating display stand, the watches will appear on and instantly light up.


Witness a paper watch transform into an augmented-reality timepiece.

Simply pick up a paper Baume watch with a QR code then scan it using a tablet or your smartphone.
As if by magic, your wrist appears on screen wearing the watch of your dreams. You can now try out the many customisation possibilities offered by Baume.

The little added extra? You can take this paper bracelet away with you to relive the personalisation experience again and again at home so you can be sure of your choice of colour, model and type of bracelet. So take your time and have fun!