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Fermeture exceptionnelle


Portrait | May 6 2019


À l'occasion de l'exposition d'été « A bâbord toute ! », Le Bon Marché a rencontré Dimitri Weber, le créateur des parfums Goldfield&Banks, autour d'un déjeuner improvisé et ensoleillé. Tombé amoureux de l'Australie lors d'un voyage, il décide d'en révéler toute la beauté et la richesse en créant des sillages qui célèbrent les odeurs naturelles du pays : entre les eaux agitées, les mimosas qui peuplent les routes, le bois sauvage ou encore le vent chaud de fin de journée.

Cap sur le Pacifique !

Capture the essence of Australia in perfumes

Why perfumes?

I wanted to pay tribute to my adopted country, Australia, and capture the exotic scents.
Beyond the beauty of the landscapes, I was very marked by the
richesse of odors and I wanted to use my experience in the world of perfumery to design perfumes that mix the local essences with a know-how typically do the French__.

Your perfumes "capture the essence of Australia". How do you do this?

Australia is an advanced country in the development of raw materials for natural cosmetology. In discovering some of these materials and essences I realized that many had hardly ever been used in modern perfumery. Between rare flowers like Boronia or roots: my perfumes contain nature itself and a true lifestyle Australian.

Opposite: White Sandalwood

I wanted to pay tribute to my adopted country, Australia, and capture the exotic scents - Dimitri Weber

Pacific Ross Moss - Goldfield&Banks

Desert Rosewood - Goldfield&Banks

Blue Cypres - Goldfield&Banks

Unique and modern wakes

"Southern Bloom", "Wood Infusion", "White Sandalwood", "Blue Cypress", "Pacific Ross Moss", "Desert Rosewood": the names of your perfumes make you want to travel and escape. Is everyone attached to a memory of a moment, a landscape or a sensation?

Each perfume is a reflection of a facet of Australia and its abundant nature. They transport instantly to distant regions, somewhere between the sea and the desert. The names of my perfumes refer to the country's innumerable colors: turquoise waters, red sand, and the warm brown of the woods.

Can you tell us more about the fragrances used in your perfumes?

I particularly like the native buddha oil from the south of the country, the Australian sandalwood from the west or the blue cypress from the north. I like to explore new scents that we only find here. For example, Australia produces an exceptional oud wood in Queensland, the most tropical part of the country. We used this wood to create a unique and very modern pattern with Wood Infusion.

The names of my perfumes refer to the countless colors of the country: turquoise waters, red sand, through the warm brown of the woods - Dimitri Weber

A bâbord toute ! Until June 23rd at Bon Marché

Until June 23rd, Le Bon Marché is hosting the exhibition "A port star tout!" With many products to take off.
Would you agree to answer a quiz that smells good on holidays?

Yes with pleasure !

Mediterranean or Atlantic Sea? The Pacific of course! (but I like the Mediterranean too)
Holidays with friends or family Friends

Family on the beach or boat trip? Both ... I like to start the day by boat and finish the afternoon on the beach
In the shade or in the sun? In the sun!
Hat hat or cap? Straw hat
Hair vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate

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