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Due to current events, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is open from Monday to Sunday from 11am to 6:45pm.
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Due to current events, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is open from Monday to Sunday from 11am to 6:45pm.

New: Make Up Studio

Beauty | 22 June 2020

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is putting on a show and reinventing the world of make-up with its new Atelier Maquillage section. On the 1st floor, in the Rotunda overlooking perfume and skin care, you’ll find 350 m2 given over exclusively to pigments and make-up.

Set within the womenswear department, Atelier Maquillage brings together the most professional and desirable make-up brands and offers up exclusive new services promising something different.

From the asphalt colored floor to the powder coated Pierre Paulin Tulip armchairs via unfinished oak furnishings and amazing palettes designed to display the make-up, Atelier Maquillage has been wholly designed and produced by the architects at Le Bon Marché. The vast library of pigments is the linking thread, reflecting the wealth and diversity of this new destination devoted to color.

Take a closer look at this exceptional space!

Four brands in the spotlight

The Atelier Maquillage showcases experts in make-up. Four creators all passionate about colour and four must-visit divisions sharing the same commitment to experimentation.

Laura Mercier: Second skin make-up

A French make-up artist who pioneered the "French nude" look popularised in the 90s, Laura Mercier excels at complexion perfection. Her philosophy? Focus on one effective product, rather than applying layer upon layer of make-up. Originally developed for the artificial light used on photo shoots, the formulas enhance the face without leaving a trace, working their magic in real-life and selfies too. Along the same lines, the technical and intuitive colours in the collections for eyes and lips are vibrant and fresh, making an instant impact when applied.
According to Laura Mercier, you need to touch eye shadow, test it on your skin and see how it develops if you want to understand it and get the best out of it – an experience for the senses being actively encouraged in the dedicated area.

Nars: The king of colour

As if François Nars, founder of the eponymous brand and a rebellious visionary with a unique aesthetic vision, needed any introduction... Since creating his first lipsticks in 1994, the professional make-up artist inspired by silent films of the 30s, glamorous heroines and photographs by Helmut Newton, set his sights on bringing out the beauty in everyone using bold colours and pigments that women have quite literally fallen in love with.
Blushes that pop, eyes shadows that shimmer, palettes of sophisticated shades... At Nars, the formulas accentuate femininity while the colours serve as the ultimate in accessories.

Bobbi Brown: Make-up Studio

Bobbi Brown is legendary across the Atlantic. Established in the mid-nineties, the brand has always celebrated inclusivity. True to the original mantra, the various ranges, the prominent Pretty Powerful among them, champion quick beauty boosts, together with simple and effective ways of expressing your personality. Really easy to wear and extremely flattering, most of the formulas are infused with skin care active ingredients, taking into account different ages, skin types and needs. Best-sellers include the tinted Lip Tint balm and Nude Finish illuminating powder.
Starting systematically with a diagnosis as opposed to a trend, Bobbi Brown products are designed with a purpose, for making a real commitment to yourself.

Create your own palette with By Terry

Terry de Gunzburg loves women – all women – and colour, working with every imaginable shade, as if they were fabrics. For the past 20 years, By Terry collections have appealed to women wanting lipstick to complement their haute couture sheath dress to perfection. Discover the latest concept, to be exclusively revealed at the Atelier Maquillage in Le Bon Marché: the Palette Factory.
Guided by a make-up artist, take your pick from a wall of colours, multi-purpose formulas you can wear on eyelids and cheeks, as bronzer or highlighter, sparkles to sprinkle into other products and some 5,000 different palette combinations for a unique treat and result.

Exclusive services

Discover the innovative services on offer within the Atelier Maquillage! Try the Gankin Massage, a patented anti-ageing massage technique for relaxing muscles and defining facial contours, provided by Japanese beauty brand Suqqu in a dedicated treatment room.

Entrust your eyebrows to the Blink Brow Bar. Vanita Parti is revolutionising facial hair removal, using a unique and totally new method inspired by the ancestral Indian technique of threading.

Ethical and responsible beauty products

Standing symbolically on either side of the entrance to the Atelier Maquillage are two iconic French brands that specialize in organic make-up and champion natural color. La Bouche Rouge is a brand committed to clean formulas that combat plastic pollution, offering natural lipsticks with refillable leather cases, making them serious fashion accessories! Similarly, Kure Bazaar makes vegan lipsticks in refillable denim cases produced from Italian ready-to-wear factory off cuts.