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Fermeture exceptionnelle

Colourful world of four female designers

Portrait | April 18th, 2019

Nomibis, Les pensionnaires, Invincible été

Le Bon Marché has invited four female designers to combine their decorative domains in one very special pop-up venue located on the 2nd floor. Inspiring and entrepreneurial, we met Elsa behind the Les Pensionnaires brand, Marie and Camille from Invincible Été and Fabienne from Nomibis to find out where they get their ideas from and how they got to where they are.

Where did you get the idea to start your own brand?

Fabienne: We established the Nomibis brand in 2012, having spent more than 10 years in the antiques & interiors business at Marché Paul Bert, part of Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.
Elsa: It stemmed from a need for freedom, autonomy, to be challenged. This business venture gave me the perfect excuse to embrace a lifelong passion for decoration.

Photo : Les Pensionnaires and Nomibis

What was it like meeting for the first time at Le Bon Marché?

Elsa: The environment was cheerful and supportive! Together, we created a living space from a blank canvas with equal focus given to each other’s pieces.
Marie & Camille: There was great alchemy actually, our collective creationsmeshed instantly in what are very warm surroundings on every level.

Photo : Invincible été

What more can you tell us about your brands and products?

Elsa: Les Pensionnaires is a new brand of household linen offering elegant and refined items made from high quality fabrics complete with delicate finishing touches and a certain je ne sais quoi. From bed linen to kitchen linen, my entire range features essential details and deceptively classic prints.
Les Pensionnaires evokes historical venues for gathering, sharing and creativity, recalling the legendary Villa Medici, the prestigious Comédie Française, a welcoming guesthouse or a quirky dormitory.

Photo : Les Pensionnaires

Marie & Camille: Our designs pay tribute to the work of English botanist Anna Atkins, who was the first to use the cyanotype process in creating herbariums by applying a light-sensitive solution made from a mixture of products to a porous material. It’s kind of magical!

Our "originality" mainly lies in our ability to produce very large sizes that although harder to accomplish, have greater visual impact.

Photo : Invincible été

Nous sommes très heureux de pouvoir montrer que les choses anciennes ayant plusieurs vies peuvent cohabiter avec la nouveauté et la création, comme ici au Bon Marché !

Fabienne: We hunt out many different pieces; furniture and everyday items that appeal to us through their patina or their styling.
Guided by our eye, our taste, our needs and disposition, we create environments in the form of spaces that are living and truly reflect those that use it.
We don't focus on any one era in particular – they all have something to contribute to any one location. However, we strive for harmony, which is one of our major preoccupations.

Photo : Nomibis

Isn’t it hard to build up a new French brand in what has become an ultra-competitive environment?

Marie & Camille: Work feels more like a wonderful adventure. Both of us still have our respective professions. This project having produced so many great encounters means it is well worthy of emulation.
Fabienne: The antiques industry is vastly different to decorating and unfortunately perceived as being 'dusty'. We are so pleased to be able to show how old things with multiple lives can coexist with the new and creative, just as they do here at Le Bon Marché!

Photo : Invincible été