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New: Sébastien Besnier hairdressers


On the first floor of the Womenswear department at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Sébastien Besnier has just opened his first hair salon, showcasing organic and plant-based products.
Passionate about hairdressing for 25 years, Sébastien Besnier practised his art at luxury hotels in Paris, where he learned about plant-based cosmetology.
In partnership with Aveda, Natulique and Couleurs Gaïa, Sébastien is committed to offering environmentally-friendly and certified organic cosmetic products at his salon without compromising on the quality of the result; treatments made from plant powders and vegetable or essential oils with hydrating, detoxifying and energising properties, or plant pigments for long-lasting yet gentle colour.

Let Le Bon Marché introduce you to Sébastien, in the welcoming pastoral surroundings of his new hair salon, which enjoys stunning views of Square Boucicaut.

Hi Sébastien, would you like to introduce yourself?

My name's Sébastien Besnier and I’ve been a hair stylist and colourist for over 20 years now.
I’ve worked at hair salons in the capital, as well as in London, because of their more artistic approach at the time.
Back in Paris, I was lucky enough to be welcomed into one of the most famous hotels in the world, the Four Seasons George V, where the exclusive and often well-known clientèle equipped me with incredible experience in terms of work quality.
I came across beauty brands that were highly advanced in terms of research and the traceability of their organic and plant-based ingredients. It was possible to take a new approach to hairdressing without compromising on customer satisfaction… an eye-opener for me, a return to basics – to nature.

Having set up your hair salon at Le Bon Marché, what services will customers be able to book in for?

Our organic and plant-based hair salon offers hydrating, detoxifying and energising haircare rituals, as well as cutting and styling inspired by the latest trends, traditional certified organic hair dyes and plant-based colouring, not to mention balayage with clay lightener.

How did you go about decorating the salon?

Geared around nature, the interior design was easily nailed down. I wanted this magnificent space to feel like an inviting and relaxing apartment. A bit like if I were receiving customers at home, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, our healthy vitamin waters and comforting infusions at hand.

What makes your salon special?

Quite simply, its location. Nestled in the heart of Le Bon Marché with views of Hôtel Lutetia – a nod to my unusual background.

What hairdressing trends should we be embracing in 2021?

Trends for 2021 emphasise and reveal the natural beauty of the hair – no cheating. Frizzy and curly hair will reveal more spring and hold with help from truly tailored products. The invincible bob cut is still "in", as it's so easy to look after, whether short or mid-length. And a long or curtain fringe can add both personality and contrast with the length of the bob.
As for colour, I've noticed a real trend towards the warm hues that have long been passed over for more neutral or cold colours. Think daring deep reddish brown. Lighter, yet ever luminous shades of blonde to enhance a contoured face. As for brunettes, shine is key. But above all, the real trend is healthy hair that’s full of life... like the beauty rituals of women long ago that made them so attractive.