La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge Lipstick refill

La Bouche Rouge

Lipstick refill

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This lipstick refill is a must-have for La Bouche Rouge addicts. The French cosmetics house provides high-quality leather pieces containing products that soothe your lips while respecting the environment. Choose one of 8 hues and slip it into the leather case. Whether it is matte or satin; dark and dramatic garnet or nude red, your choice is sure to be soft and easy to wear. These eco-friendly lipstick refills are flavorless and contain no endocrine disruptors or perfume, for maximum comfort and a lasting finish.

    • Details
      • Ultimate Comfort&Wear
      • Popart Red : For those who love a rock star red shade, a fun red inspired by pop art and the reds in Andy Warhol’s art. Finish: Mat
      • Passionate Red : For those who love passion red. This is the shade of red that lips naturally turn in a moment of passion when the blood rushes to the skin. Finish: Mat
      • Regal Red : For those who love traditional and vibrant red. Finish: Mat
      • 70's America : For those who love bright American red of the 70’s. Finish: Mat
      • Innocent Red : For those who love a natural and innocent red. Finish: satin
      • Nude Red : For those who love deep brown autumnal red. Finish: satin
      • Rouge Anja : For those who love grenat red, deep and dramatic. Finish: satin
      • Nude Anja : For those who love warm nude to naturally sculpt their lips. Finish: satin
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      Bee Wax, shea butter, red infusion without allergens without endocrine disrupters without PE or PMMA without perfume
    La Bouche Rouge Lipstick refill

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