Founded in Marseille in 2005 by Michael Azoulay, American Vintage's collections feature a wide range of colorful, creative pieces. This minimalist brand first stood out thanks to a range of t-shirts that quickly became iconic must-haves. The label's garment lines quickly expanded to include pieces inspired by the sunny Californian lifestyle. These basic wardrobe staples are perfect for sporty looks as well as all-day understated casual wear. American Vintage pays particular attention to the materials it uses. The brand gives preference to natural materials combined with clean cuts and comfy loose-fit designs. Its collections sell like wildfire in a dozen countries where customers appreciate their authentic and free-spirited style. This French brand knows who to blend a carefree attitude with an elegant look. It manages to add a refined twist to its must-have ready-to-wear pieces. Whatever the season, the brand's focus on timeless designs ensures they have anywhere, anytime appeal. 

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