Ready-to-wear, Pants BALENCIAGA Women

Balenciaga pants take avant-garde to the max, offering innovative takes on high-end tailoring. Our selection includes everything from informal to formal, and a crossover between the two, with dichotomies like baggy-made-professional and tuxedo-made-casual.  Rule-breaking construction and unconventional materials add intrigue to the brand's trousers. The Cropped Woolen features small rhinestones spaced out over clean, straight legs, while the Rental Tuxedo pants look effortless with an intentionally loose-fitting hem. The flared crop, meanwhile, lends a feminine aesthetic, especially when polished off with a pair of stilettos. For a laid-back take on luxury, sweatpants, joggers and leggings can be worn for lounging. Or pair with a matching sweatshirt for a look that's Balenciaga from head-to-toe.