Perfume house Diptyque invented one of the first unisex eau de toilettes, in 1968. Founded in Paris 7 years earlier, the brand enriches its catalog of creations with original fragrances that are available in different scents and soaps. But Diptyque also offers collections of candles for the home, which have become must-haves for perfume connoisseurs. The history of the house is as fascinating as its delicate fragrances — in fact, it was the impetus of three artist friends that opened its first boutique in Paris, named Diptyque because of its two shop windows on the corner of the street. In the beginning, the store offered fabrics, and it was only two years later that the house began to specialize in scented candles. Over the years, Diptyque has continued to fascinate with its delicately-scented creations in equally refined containers. Solid perfumes, candles for the home, and eau de toilette sets are just a few of the creations offered below. True to its historical values, Diptyque brings a luxurious touch to its creations, tinged with finesse and simplicity. 

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