Kilian Paris cultivates a high-end know-how in the subtle world of fragrances. Since 2007, Kilian Paris has imagined and unveiled premium creations with a distinctive duality, while taking care to incorporate a subtle esthetic touch. The brand reveals unique fragrances that explore age-old tensions such as innocence and sin, or darkness and light. Kilian Hennessy finds his inspiration in exploring his own childhood memories, while taking care to add a signature, slightly transgressive, touch. Over time, the founder chose to make his creations visible to everyone. A visionary and an artist, he doesn't hesitate to add an eco-luxurious dimension to his creations, destined to be passed on to future generations thanks to refillable perfumes. Immerse yourself below in the very intimate, luxurious, and audacious olfactory universe of Kilian Paris. Beyond the delicate details, discover each piece's subtle, sophisticated fragrance. 

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