A French label founded in Paris in 1989, Majestic Filatures has turned the usual fashion codes upside down by devoting itself to a single type of product, the indispensable women's t-shirt. A must-have in fashion and clothing styles, this piece acquires its credentials of high quality with the audacity of Roland Chelly and Franck Ellia, the founders of Majestic Filatures. But don't think that the flagship piece of the house is limited to just cotton. On the contrary, audacity is the order of the day with combinations of cashmere, linen and even perforated velvet calfskin. Strengthened by its success in France and abroad, Majestic Filatures adds the cashmere jumper to its other creations, such as dresses, trousers and jackets, asserting your femininity with pure lines. 

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