For its first drop of the spring 2022 collection, Musier made a timeless wardrobe as usual. Loyal to its founder’s image, Anne-Laure Mais, the silhouette is effortless and playing with the masculine/ feminine codes. Without ever leaving the fundamentals of style, Musier revisits a bit preppy minimalist esthetical worn by the unavoidable sand suede loafers. You can also privilege well-cut timeless pieces that you’ll keep for much more than one season, a trench coat, or an oversized double-breasted jacket. Musier was created in March 2018 by Anne-Laure, who is also the artistic director. Passionate about vintage since her childhood, she draws her inspiration from archives, memories and from all her muses and friends who are part of her daily life. Anne-Laure likes to play with details to create unique pieces, it is the common theme of our collections, and it is the very DNA of Musier. Timeless but highly desirable pieces! "You are my muse, Musier is our story" Anne-Laure 

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