Ready-to-wear WOOLRICH Women

The classic lines of Woolrich pieces make them timeless and easy to wear every day. Originally specializing in outerwear, the company also offers high-quality parkas and coats. These pieces combine beauty, warmth and technicality. Woolrich also offers a collection of dresses, sweatshirts, pullovers, T-shirts, shirts, pants and shorts. Their traditional look appeals to women who want to dress with comfort and elegance. The cuts, straight or fitted, allow for rare eccentricities such as asymmetry or a delicate play of gathering. Woolrich collections feature understated monochrome hues or classic patterns such as stripes, checks or discreet all-over prints. The logo is rarely featured, if at all, as the company prefers to emphasize the garment itself and the feminine figure. This means they can be worn for a wide range of occasions and styles.