Internationally renowned for his mastery of knitwear and use of cashmere, Brunello Cucinelli began his career in 1978. Ever since he founded his brand, Brunello Cucinelli has had a responsible attitude towards the people, the territory and traditions. From the beginning he has worked with the finest materials, especially his preferred cashmere, crafted into pieces that have timeless style.
He was born into a farming family in a small village in Umbria, central Italy, where he was taught to respect and help others and value nature.
As a young man, he began a life-long journey of studying different philosophies. His first inspiration came from Kant's belief that we should always act in a way that treats others not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. All these experiences convinced him that respect for all people and for the creation around him were the most important foundations of a life.
Since the very beginning of his journey, his belief is that even in business it is possible to have respect for humanity. He has always tried to live a life that reflects his belief in what he describes as « humanistic capitalism », and which is grounded in the idea that we should live in harmony with the Universe. For him, firstly, it means making a fair and respectful growth, striking a balance between profit and giving back, making sure that he leaves the world a better place than he found it. Secondly, it means making a profit while having ethics, dignity and morals. This means not harming mankind in the process and, even more importantly, ensuring everyone's work is respected and given value.
The brand finds its Headquarters and main offices in Solomeo, a small and ancient hamlet which was the childhood home of Brunello's wife, Federica.
Fair work, Brunello believes, does not steal your soul. For him, proper time away from work is an important part of being better at work as a whole. In addition, for Mr Cucinelli, part of humanistic capitalism means giving back. He has poured money into revitalizing the village of Solomeo, restoring the medieval castle as well as building a park, a winery and a theatre. He still lives in Solomeo with his wife and also their two daughters, Camilla and Carolina, live in the hamlet with their families.
As his brand became more established, softly tailored trousers and impeccably cut jackets in understated patterns, stripes or checks, subtle denim and relaxed sportswear, fluid skirts and carefully structured dresses were added to the plush cashmere cardigans and crew necks. Cucinelli's meticulous detailing doesn't just extend to high-end materials and making things by hand. He believes the perfect, just close enough fit, of a jacket over the chest, the drape of the legs of a pair of pants, or the exact length of a hem are paramount. Specialising in what he describes as "sportivo chic", his designs create a wardrobe of simple, comfortable pieces that exude an effortless elegance that speaks to the modern man and woman. His humanistic approach to production methods that emphasise the dignity of all people add another layer of pleasure to owning beautiful pieces that are deceptively timeless, meticulously detailed and consistently on-trend.

In the Men’s SS22 Collection, simplicity, with this renewed desire for elegance, takes on a special role; because of its closeness to a natural expression of masculinity, it is capable of transmitting a message of authenticity, of positivity and of spontaneity. The style seeks completeness through balance, essentiality and sobriety. The pleasure of dressing well starts from the suit, a quintessential symbol of elegance, reinvented in a fresh and relaxed manner. Outfits featuring mismatched blazers add layers of richness and versatility to suits, capable of transforming a purely formal element into an elegant and versatile everyday item. Where blazers ensure equilibrium, the slightly softened volumes of the season’s trousers complement outfits, renewing the canons of male elegance in a balanced and contemporary manner.