D'ORSAYConcentrate O.W for olfactory fetish 5 ml

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This perfume lies to us and we forgive it, because it elicits our pleasure by saving us from boredom. We expect bergamot, but it appears as blue ginger, then promises it has always been nothing but amber. We spray it on and, lo and behold, we are under its spell. One should never underestimate the irresistible appeal of playing hard to get.
  • Description : Concentrate O.W for olfactory fetish 5 ml.
  • Ingredients : Cedramber, dextro-limonene, karmawood, iso E super, exaltolide, trimofix, linalyl acetate, helional, vetiverol, beta-pinene, methyl cedryl ketone (vertofix coeur), natural beta-bisabolene
  • Details : Top Notes : Bergamot , Bitter Orange Middle Notes : Blue Ginger , Dry Wood Base Notes : Contemporary Amber , Musk
  • Product code : DOY8YSA7ZZZZZZZZ00


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