In the space of a century, Fendi has conquered the world of fashion with its chic creations that combine understated refinement with baroque sophistication. With meticulous work on such fine materials as fur or leather and a playful approach to luxury, the Roman house has become the symbol of Italian elegance. Under the inspiration of Silvia Fendi, the founder's granddaughter, the men's wardrobe follows movement to combine aesthetics and functionality. The Fendi men's ready-to-wear range features timeless classics with a contemporary twist. The legendary monogram with the two inverted F's features discreetly on the lapel of the blue denim jeans or on a round-necked wool sweater. The famous Peekaboo collection joins the accessories collection with an oversized rectangular handbag for a classic and modern look. Italian finesse is infused in patent leather lace-up shoes with a grosgrain border or in a flexible leather trainer model. Discover exclusive pieces that combine elegance and the avant-garde in our Fendi selection for men.