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Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier stands as one of the world’s most prestigious Maisons in the luxury goods industry.
Over the years, Cartier has developed a whole range of luxury collections of high jewelry, watches, leather goods, fragrances and accessories - symbols of craftsmanship and elegance, quality and excellence.

From the Santos de Cartier to the Panthère watches collections, Cartier’s creations, born from a unique approach, are recognizable by the strength of their design, their style and technical virtuosity.

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The Panthère watch of Cartier is endlessly feminine. Its double or triple bracelet plays extreme sensuality: the yellow gold, pink gold or white gold links sensually wrap around the wrist. Smooth and emotionally versatile, the iconic style of the Panthère watch of Cartier layers the effects of elegance. Gentleness of the curved casing part and a jittery design express the epitome of Cartier. This mythic look is maximised by the paving of diamonds on the case or the bezel of several declinations in pink gold and white gold. The original Panthère watch of Cartier includes several jewellry declinations : all paved pink gold, yellow gold, pink gold and steel, and paved bezel steel.


Determination, freedom, easiness: beyond the legend of Alberto Santos-Dumont, the myth of the Santos watch of Cartier regenerates from a decade to another since 1904. At the beginning of the century, its groundbreaking conception and use showed a state of mind which was influenced by technical progress and the global acceleration. Its design and strong codes embody modernity. True to its original philosohpy the evolving and pioneering new Santos watch of Cartier is part of its time.


The Santos watch has been thought and designed by the creative studios in a constant concern for comfort, smart proportions and respect of the Santos codes:

In connection with the Parisian geometry from the time, the square shape remains unchanged and preaches purity and symmetry like the four corners of the Eiffel Tower. Disruptive, the watch breaks with roundness and emphasises straight lines.

Sames for the bezel's eight screws: pratical they are the miniature reproduction of a constantly evolving urban architecture which introduces mechanics and steel in each of its landmarks. Cartier dares to show what was used to be hidden.

The innovation is in the design of the bezel which favours the synergy between the case lines and the bracelet lines. Finer and more slender they exacerbate the style dynamic of the watch. The carrying comfort and the ergonomics have been studied to the millimetre and to the gram to reach the goal of perfectly fitting to the wrist.

The Santos watch of Cartier proceeds an active change of a classic of Cartier's watchmaking which perpetuates the soul, the style and the thirst for modernity of these world-changers such as Alberto Santos-Dumont.