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About Dibbern

Dibbern is a German premium manufacturer of glass and porcelain products. Today, the family business founded in 1966 is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality lifestyle products in the field of fine dining.

The company founder Bernd T. Dibbern and his two sons Jan and Ben Dibbern employ 150 people at two different business locations: at the company’s headquarters located near Hamburg and at the production site in Hohenberg/Bavaria. Dibbern’s product lines, which have received numerous design awards, are available from upmarket retailers and premium department stores worldwide.

In addition to top-class luxury hotels and star-rated restaurants, the list of renowned customers include the German Federal Chancellery and Lufthansa First Class. Today, Dibbern’s porcelain product lines and decors have long become design classics and are an international reference for quality and aesthetically appealing simplicity.

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The first porcelain- glass- and cutlery collections manufactured in 1966, the company’s founding year, already established the company’s philisophy, which is still valid today for all products made by Dibbern: “Traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design“ – or in other words: combining traditional craftsmanship with aesthetically appealing simplicity to create a contemporary design.

Based on this philosophy, Dibbern creates porcelain and glass collections that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, design, functionality and durability.


Fine Bone China is the heart of Dibbern’s collection. Since its re-opening in 1997, the company’s Fine Bone China product lines have been manufactured in the company’s china factory in Hohenberg/Bavaria near the Czech border using centuries-old traditional craftsmanship methods of the highest standard. Where porcelain nowadays is often mechanically pressed to save costs, Dibbern’s plates, bowls and cups are still traditionally produced by hand. The result of this elaborate traditional production process is that the shipping resistance of Dibbern’s Fine Bone China is seven times higher than that of comparable products. Manufacturing Fine Bone China requires the highest artisanal standards and technical skills in ceramic production. The material is characterised by extraordinary translucency, superior density and excellent resilience properties. From designing the initial model to biscuit and glaze firing, painting the product by hand and finally the decor firing, each production step is carried out by applying the highest possible quality standards.


Dibbern’s Fine Bone China collections are manuafctured using centuries-old traditional craftsmanship methods of the highest standard. All Fine Bone China products are hand-made in Dibbern’s china factory in Hohenberg/Bavaria, which was founded in 1814 by Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther and re-opened in 1997 by Bernd T. Dibbern. The pure and timeless Dibbern Fine Bone China design continues through the entire collection to enable the different product lines to be combined with one another. By deliberately applying a rather understated elegance, our product designers have managed to highlight the material’s special features to its best advantage. The design of Dibbern’s Fine Bone China collection combines tradition with modernity.


The company achieved its international breakthrough in the early 1980s with the product line Solid Color. Dibbern is still famous today for Solid Color and its pure design combined with modern colours. Created in the 1930s by prof. Hermann Gretsch, the multi-award winning design has been a classic for over 30 years: The functional and aesthetically appealing design available in 47 different colours offers customers an almost unlimited variety of possible combinations.


Dibbern’s high-quality and pure-style glass collection is designed in-house and manufactured exclusively in Europe by selected glass manufacturers.

The glasses produced for Dibbern’s collections are both hand-blown and hand-cut; coloured glasses are either dyed in the body or made of double-layer glass produced by applying a special overlay coating method in a traditional manner.

Fine Bone China – Black Forest

Fine Bone China Pure & Cylindrical

Fine Bone China – Carrara

Charleston – Layered Crystal

Fine Bone China – Pure Gold / Stardust

Solid Color

Fine Bone China - Platters and Bowls

Rotondo – Coloured Glass

Fine Bone China - Simplicity