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Exclusively at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, pionner in Active tailoring, éclectic is a Parisian brand specialized in men's jackets, coats and bags. Launched in 2011 by Franck Malègue, its Active Tailoring concept considers Fashion through innovation by merging craftmanship tailoring and high-tech materials. With a modern take on heritage enriched designs, each piece is as practical as it is trendy and unequivocally timeless. Made in Italy,and repurposing materials used in sportswear, the concept offers a functional wardrobe, adapted to the needs of the modern day man.

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éclectic wardrobe renews a freedom of style through menswear without superfluous design details. The line's jackets and coats draw upon structure and silhouette, allowing men to style their looks according to their own personal taste.

The day-to-day functionality of each piece remains at the core of the development and diversion of hybrid materials, which include: thermo-regulating linings, insulating and windproof membranes and water-repellent treatments. éclectic subtly marries techno-fibers with traditionally refined fabrics in order to provoke an effect of avant-garde elegance as opposed to futuristic trends.

Over 7 years, the Brand has been collaborating with an Italian master tailor to create the most sustainable garments. Thanks to its traditional know-how, éclectic offers Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche customers an exclusive semi-tailoring service, requiring 1 month of production time.

Blazer in Cordura : resistant, crease-proof, and water-repellent.

Straight overcoat in techno-virgin wool : water-repellent, isolating, windproof, and thermo-regulating.

Short jacket in techno-virgin wool : water-repellent, isolating, windproof and thermo-regulating.

Hooded overcoat in cashmere and wool: lightweight, isolating and thermo-regulating.

Straight coat in cashmere and wool : lightweight, isolating and thermo-regulating.

Half-breasted coat with martingale in cashmere and wool : lightweight, isolating and thermo-regulating.

Country jacket in knitted technical wool : stretch, isolating, windproof and thermo-regulating.

Peacoat in knitted technical wool : stretech, isolating, windproof and thermo-regulating.

Half-brestaed coat in knitted technical wool : stretch, isolating, windproof and thermo-regulating.

Contrary to most designers, I take a reversed approach of the creative path : I first start with the material to end up with the shape.

Franck Malègue