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For more than 80 years,Tréca commits itself to make you sleep in the best way.
In accordance with tradition and with an attention to detail Tréca offers all its crafted know-how to produce mattresses which will provide you the best comfort and the most innovative products.

Literie, Couette & Oreiller
Grande Épicerie de Paris
2nd floor

01 44 39 83 43

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More than a mattress or a bed, Tréca offers a lifestyle and a sleepstyle. This sleep-how is influenced by Paris' finest luxury hotels, designers all over the world, the best craftmen and the whole tradition and French know-how recognised worldwide. More than a break, a rest between two busy days, sleeping in the Tréca way will invite you to enter a world of "beautiful sleep". It's an invitation to travel, to escape...


Tréca is a brand of tradition and legacy which comes from a crafted know-how passed from one generation to the next. Tréca takes care of every single customer in order to make them feel honoured. This tailor-made and dignified approach enables Tréca to have a true relationship with all consumers.

To amplify the reception of our bedding we have selected the most refined and noble materials in order to offer you a large range of comforts tailored to your specific needs. Whether they are natural or technical we choose our materials depending their thermal and hydrophilic qualities as well as their resilience to guarantee the best durability of comfort.


The Héritage collection represents the essence of Tréca's know-how with the mattresses handmade by our craftmen.

The Paris-Istanbul mattress offers a smooth comfort for an intense moment of gentleness all night long.

Lead product of the Impérial collection, the Impérial Air Spring Prestige mattress offers a unequalled comfort.

With a strong design and innovative, the 24Seven collection creates beddings that will gives you an extraordinary comfort.

The Impérial Air Spring Élysée mattress offers you the choice of a tailor-made comfort for a special sleep.

Tréca works with international designers to design and design the head-boards. Discover the Portofino model.

« On s’enfonce dans la douceur du lit, comme dans un rêve, avant de sombrer dans un océan de songes où l’irréel est la seule réalité. »