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Wolford was born in Bregenz in 1950. A history of workmanship, creativity, quality and sustainability. The brand looks at the future with a believe that fashion should be about substance. In products and experiences with unique stories. About doing things differently. Their aim is to offer market leading, exceptional European skin wear. Understanding the layer closest to the skin. And understanding the needs of their confident consumers. To make them shine. Because the new looking good is feeling good.

Lingerie & Bain de Mer
Bon Marché
1st floor

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LET'S GET REAL #TrueCharacter

It’s the time of year again for new resolutions, old friends, and even older relatives. Wolford's survival tip? Show your #TrueCharacter. This Holiday Season, Wolford is here for you for those perfectly real moments – turkey dinner fails, wardrobe emergencies, inescapable boredom to name but a few – however real they get. Even when it’s all gone pearshaped, embrace the holidays as your weird and wonderful, perfectly real self. Own your character. Own your body. Own your power. Before we forget, we’ve got unapologetically female-forward fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth behind the lens this season.


IT's the most wonderful tim of the year...or is it ? To accompany through the your umpteenth holiday party of the season, Wolford has got just what you need. Dino-sock are an answer to your seasonnal woes. Because ugly holiday sweaters are so last year, they are practically prehistoric.


You can't always get what you want - unless you have commandeered you own personal bar. In which case, sure, have as many olives as you want. While you're at it, indugle in the equally decadent floral embroidery on the finest tulle of Wildflower Set. You're in control here.


Logomania got you in feverish state ? Has your crippling obsession got you all tied up in knots ? Not to worry ! Try your hand at some other addictive activities this Holiday Season. Like knitting ! How bad can it be ?


Elle permet de doter les robes, jupes et pièces de legwear* d’effets 3D et de fonctions de « body mapping »** étonnants. La ligne 3W Forming Series réalisée à l’aide de leur technologie 3W innovante est, cette fois-ci, dotée de lignes de silicone plates pour offrir exactement le maintien qu’il faut dans chaque situation.

*vos collants

**adapté à l'activité corporelle