BORSALINOGiacomo Marengo felt

The Giacomo Marengo brushed felt hat has a small brim, 3 cm grosgrain tonal hatband and golden Borsalino signature logo accent. Hand-crafted by our artisans in Alessandria, Italy. The Giacomo Marengo ushers in modern classic energy to the Borsalino Fall Winter 2021/22 collection. The season is inspired by the Arts & Crafts design movement and by Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci�s �True Luxury� creed to encourage...
  • Description : Turn-up hem, embellished with a grosgrain ribbon, logo on the side.
  • Material : 100% Felt
  • Details : Giacomo brushed Marengo felt, unlined interior, grosgrain hatbandt (3 cm.), small brim (4.5 cm.).
  • Color : black
  • Care instructions : Borsalino hats are made with carefully selected raw materials. Felt requires care and attention to ensure its unique characteristics can last over time. Professional clean only.
  • Item measurements : Width 1 cm / 0.4 ", Height 1 cm / 0.4 ".
  • Size & measurements :
  • Product code : BOR59U73BCKG921A00