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Portrait | JUNE 14th 2018

Come and discover "Le Labyrinthe" artwork: an artistic point of view of the Souk by Atelier Bingo

As part of the exhibition "C'est le Souk au BM !", the art duo Atelier Bingo was invited by Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche to create a wall artwork. Keen on sceen printing and engraving, Adèle and Maxime mix materials, textures, collages and inks to create abstract and colorful works.

Until July 1st on the ground floor at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, discover the wall artwork "Le Labyrinthe", a colorful interpretation of the Souk by Atelier Bingo!

© Virgile Guinard


Let's start with a presentation of Atelier Bingo.

We created Atelier Bingo 5 years ago when we decided to leave Paris to settle down in the countryside to create our own creative studio. Our workshop is settled in an ancient dyeing factory in Vendée.
Today, our work duo looks like a game where creation is free and gut.

© Virgile Guinard - Atelier Bingo

Precisely could you talk about your work and your creations?

At first, we had two very different worlds and we simply wanted to create a graphic design studio et to print posters. Then, the sceen printing techniques have given us the idea to try illustration. We started developing our own pictures on different types of supports.
Our taste for the work of materials led us to push the boundaries of our know-how to explore new techniques: collages, pottery, engraving, textiles, wall paintings, wood, cut papers. For every new medium we took the gamble on a new adventure.

Why do you use as many colors in your creations?

The color vibrations is the key to our work, we are passionate by their senses and relationships with shapes. We like to play with shades, create new combinations in order to generate pictures which raise memories or inner feelings in mind like we did for "Le Labyrinthe" artwork.

© Research works


Could describe in the 3 words what does the souk raise in your mind?

Labyrinthinine, dynamic, hypnotic.

Could you talk about the artwork you created for Le Bon Marché? Is it an abstract expression of your idea of this Souk atmosphere?

What inspired us at first were the visuel games created in the Souk thanks to the stacking of shapes, the accumulation of objects and the warm, vibrating tones. Our art installation is related to our vision of the so special vibe of a Souk!

On holiday, would you rather go for a stroll in Marrakech's Souk or for a day trip into the desert?

Undoubtely a mix of both: we'd go for a stroll in the Souk for its colorful madness and in the desert for its relaxing silence.

© Marine Kapur, « Le Labyrinthe », wall artwork exclusively created for Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche__ presents "Le Labyrinthe", an artistic vision of the Souk by Atelier Bingo, inspired by the poem Le Labyrinthe:__

Le Labyrinthe
Dans le bruit chaud du souk, au coeur de la cité,
Les formes inchangées exhibent leurs courbures.
Fières de la main agile qui les a façonnées,
Tannées, cuites, tissées, elles envahissent les murs.

L'imprudent butineur, envouté par la masse
Hypnotique. Se laisse guider par un mirage.
Des épices cuivrées en un trop fort dosage,
Piment cuir oranger, mélangés par la grâce.

Le labyrinthe doré s'est à jamais fermé
Dans les entrailles de ceux qui lui ont succombé.
Le trésor est pour eux, qui répondent à l'appel,
Mais ici le soleil ne brûle plus les ailes.

© Détails « Le Labyrinthe »