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Summer read recommendations

Culture | June 24th, 2019


Lose yourself in a book this summer! All of our booksellers at Le Bon Marché, including Laure, Christine, Jade, Noëlle, Romain and Emmanuelle, have selected their top book picks to read in the sun, beside the pool or in the shade of an olive tree. Whether you like novels, thrillers or travel writing: find the book that will carry you away page after page.

All books can be found on the 2nd floor.

PRESAGIO - Andrea Malesini

Despite the pending declaration of the First World War, Niccolo Spada, manager of the Venetian hotel “The Excelsior”, is enchanted by one of his mysterious guests: the marchioness Margarete von Hayek, a woman with very loose morals. Her stay arouses as much excitement as it does fear in Niccolo, “the commandatore”, to whom she reveals a terrible secret... Will he hear the presage that he is given in his dreams?

6.70e - Laure’s selection

EN CAMPING-CAR - Ivan Jablonka

This book is an excellent advert for the Volkswagen Kombi van. This is very annoying for readers, who know that they will never be able to enjoy one because Volkswagen no longer makes the Kombi camper van. This book is a very beautiful, personal story. Ivan Jablonka reminds us that summer holidays are built on memories, and symbolic and cultural aspects which structure every family and every member of that family for life.

6.50€ - Christine’s selection

FACE AU VENT - Jim Lynch

A writer about the sea, Lynch takes us into the heart of a peculiar family of sailing fans. Each member of the family has a part to play: the grandfather designs them, the father builds them, and the mother calculates their route... The three children sail. But one day, the youngest suddenly ends his career, which breaks up the family. Some years later, a boat race reunites the family again as they raise anchor one last time.

9.80€ - Jade's selection

VENDS MAISON DE FAMILLE - François-Guillaume Lorrain

In his new book, the author delves into his memories once again to tell the story of the country house that his parents bought when he was still a young boy. We quickly learn that it does not bring back good memories, and his mother’s accident could be a good reason to sell it, in order to free himself of an inheritance that is sometimes too painful. A moving and harrowing book.

7.60€ - Romain's selection


Ingrid is 20 when she falls in love with her literature professor. He is brilliant and a seducer, but she is going to marry him and follow him to his house on the beach. She will accept everything about him: his friends, his success, his absences. The novel shifts brilliantly between different periods and writing styles, and Ingrid’s character is revealed gradually. This surprising love story is engrossing and is a very enjoyable read.

8.20€ - Noëlle's selection

BOREAL - Sonja Delzongle

Gathered together in the Arctic base camp in Greenland, a group of scientists who are there to study the consequences of global warming discover a mass grave of musk oxen trapped in the ice. A short time after this discovery, the first disappearance occurs. There is a real human experience in store for the characters, who bring their uncertainties and flaws along with them during an Arctic night together. A glacial thriller, which offers no respite.
8.40€ - Emmanuelle's selection

And to continue reading ...

This is the story of two German twins, aged 17, who were taken in by their uncle in England. It is 1916, and he deplores an America which has “lost their chance of coming in on the side of civilization”.

In the family of daughters of... Laurence Debray is Régis’s daughter. Partly out of daughterly duty and as liberation, the author tells the story of a young girl who grew up in the shadow of militant parents.

“I committed suicide sixteen years ago. Enough time has passed for you to have forgotten me, Delmar, or at least, for your memories to have become blurred.”