Meet : Superbe

Portrait | January 16, 2019


Sonia, Mélanie and Margaux created Superbe, a brand of bold and seductive lingerie for all occasions which makes women feel Superbe when they wear it!

From special underwear in on-trend materials such as velvet and lycra, to sparkling bodies and swimsuits, they offer lingerie that is a real fashion accessory.

Can you describe the Superbe concept in a few words?

Superbe is a feminine and Parisian lingerie brand, designed by women for women. We started from the principle that we don’t choose our underwear according to the seasons but according to the moment. This is why we have created the following collections: for Love, for Nights Out and for Everyday. The Superbe shapes are made with Louise Feuillère, who received the Meilleure ouvrière de France award for corsetry. We combine them with unexpected materials, which surprise and position the product more as a fashion accessory than underwear.

3 words to define the Superbe woman?

Independent. Uninhibited. Feminist.

Superbe est une marque de lingerie féminine et parisienne, pensée par des femmes, pour des femmes.

Why did you develop collections which are based on moments in life rather than the seasons?

We considered the following basic questions with a fresh perspective: what does lingerie mean for today’s woman, and how does she choose it?

Among all the answers that we gave to these questions, one thing was certain: we don’t choose our lingerie according to the season, but more depending on the day ahead of us. A romantic date? An important presentation? A night out? A day at home? You definitely aren’t going to wear the same lingerie for each occasion...

For the first time, we have recently designed a range of swimsuits for moments of relaxation, undoubtedly beside the sea.

Are there any “fashion faux pas” in lingerie?

The only “fashion faux pas” would be to wear underwear that you don't like. There is never a fashion faux pas if it is a conscious choice!

Le Bon Marché and Superbe have the pleasure of inviting you to be the first to discover the very first range of Superbe swimsuits at a fashion show in the Espace Bain de Mer on the 1st Floor of Le Bon Marché.

The event will be followed by a cocktail with Maison Sassy in the company of Mélanie Daries, creator of the Superbe brand.

24 January at 19:00 - Espace Bain de Mer - 1st floor