An eco-friendly summer routine

Beauty | June 17, 2019


The beach and the sun are calling your name. To effectively protect yourself from the sun, sun care products are essentials to pack in your suitcase. But what can you do to limit the impact of these skincare products and their packaging on the environment?

To help you choose, Le Bon Marché has selected eco-friendly brands that are committed to offering more natural and organic beauty. Seventy One Percent, Kevin Murphy, Kos, Terre de Mars and Ren: discover the essential products for your summer!

SEVENTY ONE PERCENT: “Live in harmony with the environment”

Seventy One Percent was founded between Biarritz and Hossegor by two surfer friends. To meet the expectations of sun and ocean lovers, the duo has now decided to create an uncompromising range of sun care products that take care of all skin types as well as preserve the seabed, which is polluted in particular by toxic filters found in sunscreen.

The brand’s iconic product, the Dry Sun Oil SPF 30 effectively protects the skin from UV rays, and its formula gives the skin a satin finish and velvety feel. It also has a natural formula, containing no silicone, nanoparticles or alcohol.

Product benefits?: The products in the range are extremely water-resistant and therefore less product ends up in the oceans!

TERRE DE MARS: “The legendary properties of coffee and plants”

TERRE DE MARS is a Parisian Ecocert, Cosmebio, Vegan and Cruelty Free certified house of natural cosmetics. The brand is the result of a childhood memory belonging to three friends: they remember a grandmother whose beauty secret was coffee grounds.

The 001 Résurgence scrub reinvents the iconic coffee scrub with revitalising bamboo stem, hydrating aloe vera and protecting shea butter. The scrub is created, manufactured and packaged in France, in a lightweight biodegradable or recyclable container. The formulas are raw and simplified, with no harmful chemical ingredients, and have all been developed with respect for the environment.

Ecocert: inspection and certification body for the benefit of human beings and the environment
Cosmebio: organic cosmetic label
Cruelty Free: produced with no animal testing

REN: “Clean skincare – inside and out”

REN starts with the simple equation that doing something good for yourself also means doing good around you. The products are therefore formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are good for the skin and the environment.

The Clean Screen SPF 30, face sunscreen with a 100% mineral sun filter, protects the skin during exposure by preventing the damage caused by the sun’s rays. It is vegan, and contains no sulphates, silicone or oxybenzone.

Product benefits?: 50% of the materials used to manufacture the tube come from recycled plastic – the maximum possible while protecting the formula – and the cap is made from 100% recycled plastic.

KEVIN MURPHY: “Products with a conscience that do no harm to the environment”

Kevin Murphy is committed on a daily basis to offering effective products formulated using ingredients from renewable and sustainable sources, harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment. The products contain no sulphates or parabens, and are cruelty free.

The Shimmer.Shine is a scented treatment spray that gives the hair incredible shine with no added weight. Its specially selected blend of ingredients from the Australian Rainforest, chosen for their ability to flourish in harsh climates, add elasticity and moisture to lacklustre hair, and help to style and care for the hair.

KOS: “Natural cosmetics with intoxicating scents”

The KOS PARIS brand was born out of a passion for rare plants, grown with respect and passion. The formulas of the cosmetics do not contain any preservatives, silicones, parabens, petrochemical derivatives or mineral oils, as part of an approach that respects the environment and the skin. The range is also characterised by its unique scents, which leave a light fragrance on the skin.

Perle d’Été is the perfect partner to enhance your tan! Apply this oil before sun exposure, in addition to your sun cream, to prepare and accelerate tanning, and after sun exposure to repair the skin and prolong its radiance. This cocktail of rare and precious Buriti and Carrot, Karanja and Apricot oils protects and illuminates the epidermis. Its formula is 100% natural and 86% organic.

Product benefits: The products are Cruelty Free.

Paï, crème solaire Hello Sunshine SPF30

Sensaï, mascara 38°C volume sublime

Kevin Murphy, traitement capillaire Shimmer.Me Blonde