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The style of Roger Vivier, a Parisian luxury accessories Maison, is inimitable and unique.

Sophistication, humour and expertise define the distinctive footwear and bag collections. Since the brand’s beginnings, the Vivier style has seduced the world’s most elegant and fascinating women – actresses, first ladies, royal princesses – and it is now captivating the new generation.

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After the appointment of Gherardo Felloni as collections’ Creative Director, Roger Vivier, famous for its exceptional designs, is carrying on the Maison’s innovative spirit.


The Maison’s artistic heritage lives on through the creative vision of Gherardo Felloni, the new Creative Director, while Inès de la Fressange – the Maison’s ambassador – embodies quintessential Parisian elegance. Opposite, the Très Vivier heels, which are a true reinterpretation of the Brand’s signature style for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection


Le Bon Marché and 24 Sèvres are collaborating with Roger Vivier for the Preview launch of Viv’ Run: Couture combined with the energy of sportswear. Inspired by the Maison’s signature footwear, designed for the first time by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, these feminine sports shoes feature a decorative buckle, in a choice of rubber or sparkling glitter. In an openwork mesh and neoprene fabric, they feature the silhouette of the famous Choc heel, and the style contrasts glamour with high performance.


For the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Roger Vivier presented the “Hotel Vivier” during Paris fashion week: an ode to women in all their diversity and beauty. It is a homage by Gherardo Felloni, after delving into the Maison’s archives to draw the essence of a new creative vocabulary focused on the Vivier woman from them.

A highlight of the collection, the “Très Vivier” designs carry on a long tradition of uninhibited elegance. The large, square, shiny metal buckle is a homage to the aesthetics of the original heels, and their legendary style, which rocked the fashion world in the 1960s, while the abundant variety of materials and textures conveys the Maison’s sophistication. The new Très Vivier bag, with its extra-large buckle, has been added to the range and goes perfectly with the heels.

Spring Summer 2019 Collection

For me Roger Vivier has always been a source of reference in my work. Mr Vivier was the master of shoes. It’s an honour to work for the Maison that he created.

Gherardo Felloni