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Ten years ago I had a radical idea: it was time for women to stop compromising their health for their beauty.  This concept to #greenyourbeautyroutine sparked a revolution that turned into a movement. And today, as a result, green beauty is no longer the exception but the rule.  But we’re so much more than a green beauty brand. We’re not just about beauty made without compromise, we’re about a life well lived. We formulate, batch, and manufacture every green bottle on our 1200 acre certified organic farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.  Its this connection to our roots, our farm, our gardens, that allow us to always revel in the power of nature. Nature is our lifeline and what keeps us curious, hungry, and always a little restless, continually searching to discover more. To challenge the notion that green beauty isn’t effective.  To prove clinical trial after clinical trial that it works. And to show that nature's bounties are endless, and forever worth fighting for. So join us on our journey to healthy glowing skin. We guarantee you’ll never want to experience the ritual of beauty any other way.

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« Nous croyons en ce que nous aimons appeler l'ingénierie radicale, c'est-à-dire la mise au point réfléchie de solutions révolutionnaires de soins de la peau verts. Maintenant, on peut vraiment tout avoir. » - Tata Harper, fondatrice et directrice générale, Tata Harper Skincare

Supernaturals 2.0

Why are you still using ingredients from the 80s? Its time for something radical. Introducing Supernaturals 2.0, engineered with the most ultramodern green technology. 155 ingredients. 46 countries. 0 synthetics. Now, you really can have it all.

Elixir Vitae Duo

Because you can’t do injectables everyday, consider this your daily dose.  Engineered with relaxing and filling technology, our serum duo will fill and relax to restore the look of youthful volume.

Welcome to our world …

Interested in greening your beauty routine?  Join us for a Masterclass inside our custom Greenhouse, a little slice of the Champlain Valley of Vermont, brought straight to you from our own farm.  You'll discover the secret to double cleansing, multi-masking, and get to experience our favorite ritual of self-care.