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Founded in 1948 by the oldest Italian family of the cooking appliances manufacturing, SMEG is now the only household appliances company which exclusively produces in Italy.
SMEG is globally known for its ability to create refined products which combine performance and style and which are intended to mindful consumers passionate about evolving designs.

According to SMEG, objects must not be only integrated in an environment to be useful but to help creating an atmosphere and to decorate it. This aesthetism sensivity has inspired a collection with the greatest actors of architecture and modern design and expresses the character of excellence of the « Made in Italy » which know how to put art and masterful conception into daily-used objects.

The company has a unique identity in the middle of household appliances manufacturers but also in the professional sector thanks to its departments Foodservice and its kitchen implements dedicated to gastronomy and the electromedical field.

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SMEG launched its 50s Style Small Domestic Appliances to combine technology and aesthetism, between functionality and style to evoke the unique forms and atmospheres of the « stylosophy » from the 1950s. Multicoloured tints and vintage curved shapes give a new and more modern interpretation of products which become kitchen-iconic. SMEG proposes a complete breakfast set with a variable temperature kettle for tea drinkers, an expresso coffee machine, a toaster and a juicer for vitamin mornings. The range of products is composed of unique, flexible, non-conformist devices and is dedicated to cookers who are keen on strong-charactered but highly efficient products appliances.

"Sicily Is My Love"

Dolce&Gabbana and SMEG creatively team up to co-create « Sicily Is My Love », a unique and original project « Made in Italy ». The latest collection of small applicances is made by SMEG and aesthetically designed by Dolce&Gabbana. Toasters, juicers and kettles have been adorned by golden lemon, citrus or Barbarian figs which embody some of the most typical Sicilian decorations and are framed by geometric patterns called « Crocchi ». They also depict gentle floral patterns inspired by the coasts and landscapes of the South of Italy as well as fascinating pictures of the Mount Etna bordered with ornamental features, picturesque ruins of the Valley of the Temples, colorful arabesques or stylized Acanthus leaves. These are the symbols of a Sycily-inspired aesthetism, homeland of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and more generally associated to Italy and its culinary whose SMEG has always been an advocate of excellence.


2017 : SMEG and Dolce&Gabbana creatively team up for a second round of the "Sicily Is My Love" small applicances collection.

2014 : Created with the studio deepdesign©, the small applicances from the 50s collection came on the market with charm.

1997 : Launch of the FAB refrigerator which quickly became a style icon and a prestigious symbol at an international level.

1970 : Niagara, the first dishwasher with 14 covers in the world was born, ahead the modern need to have big washing capacities.

1955 : Start of the manufacturing of cooking hobs which reached its top with the introduction of Elisabeth, the first stove.

1948 : Vittorio Bertazzoni established SMEG (Smalterie Mellaurgiche Emiliane Guastalla) in the province of Reggio Emilia in Italy.

Using the codes of fashion to follow the trends makes you instantly get older.

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