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Wolford was born in Bregenz in 1950. A history of workmanship, creativity, quality and sustainability. The brand looks at the future with a believe that fashion should be about substance. In products and experiences with unique stories. About doing things differently. Their aim is to offer market leading, exceptional European skin wear. Understanding the layer closest to the skin. And understanding the needs of their confident consumers. To make them shine. Because the new looking good is feeling good.

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We all still have that little bit of a wild side. It’s hardwired in human nature as the result of millions of years of evolution. All we have to do is to unleash it. Be daring. Push boundaries and seek adventures. You are the most beautiful version of yourself when you follow your true nature, freed from all superficiality. Back to the roots, to our nature and looking at our substance, Wolford focused on well-known and proven materials such as tulle, net, jersey or wool.


It is the season to come out and shine. Wolford presents a new range of trend pieces and essentials which allow you to explore the #wildlife. Fishnet, partly made of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon collected from the sea and landfills, and brilliant tulle styles. Lightweight, easy-going but not less sparkling. Our new PURE Lingerie line is a must-have for all your summer adventures. Incorporating four types of bras, three bottoms and a dress, it embraces your body smoothly without being seen or felt.


No one sees them. No one knows where they are. They hide with their beauty. But be aware, this season it is hunt or be hunted. What are you going to be? Predator, or prey? Legwear plus matching body wear calls for unrivaled power-dressing. Well tried and tested pieces have been revisited and revamped with outstanding features sure to leave an impression without sacrificing comfort. Fierce designs with snake prints and patterns let you get away in style wherever you roll.


Stunning to stand out. Color is your weapon. Are you playful or poisonous? Seductive but hard to get. Who dares to dance?

Advanced technology meets organic reptile patterns for a fatal impression. We picked up our binding knit technique again to create new stunning 3D effects for body mapping styles, incredible fit and natural ease included. Just dare to play.

Unleash your inner animal and dress to stand out. To push confidence and support your poise the new PURE Shine 40 Concealer Tights and the Natural Forming Dress join in. In the blink of an eye our new essentials tight with concealing effect will make you feel even more comfortable in your very own skin. We glued the seams to assure they will not show under any kind of clothing, and to make them as natural as can be, we just added the right shine.


No one is who you need most. And nothing is everything. Because nothing can hold you back to bring your best you. And you know it. Iconic styles made for day and night let you step out into the urban jungle. Solitary strength comes from powerful monochrome looks or thrilling statement pieces. Legwear and body wear again build strong power couples to reveal your best. Nothing can hold you back. Further we proudly present our first String Body Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the gold level. Snap fasteners were taken out of the picture as the material is so soft and stretchy. You can just slip in and out easily, always doing good.


Skin on skin, that’s the inspiration of our Autumn Winter 2019/2020 collection. We excel in all things Skinwear. Utmost comfort, groundbreaking technology, high-quality fibers and contemporary designs. We’ve challenged our expertise, channeled our skills and taken new chances to create unique pieces for you to live your life to the fullest. Break free.

Live the #wildlife