STATEMENT designs jewelry turned towards the future. The unalterable beauty of natural diamonds combined with the power and symbolism of sterling silver gives its creations a special vibrancy. Since 2018, the designer Amélie Huynh has boldly broken free from the codes of jewelry to impose new, freer ones, and to install silver jewelry as her signature. Inspired by the Art-deco, Solar punk and Brutalist architecture movements, she proposes singular pieces and different wears. Handcrafted by jewelry artisans with unique know-how, each piece of jewelry is the expression of an uncompromising aesthetic. The diamonds, of G-VS quality, are all natural and set with respect for craftsmanship and ethical sourcing. Each sterling silver piece is rhodium-plated, which amplifies and preserves its brilliance. STATEMENT jewelry creations remind us that every challenge is an opportunity for victory, that every stage of life is a unique moment and that within each of us lies every possibility.