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Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche will be exceptionally closed on Sunday, August 8th.
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Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche will be exceptionally closed on Sunday, August 8th.

Brands Making a Difference

Fashion | October 12th, 2020

Today's fashion is reinventing itself. More and more brands are coming up with new forms of production. Promoting craftsmanship, local manufacture, upcycling, organic materials; brands are offering new alternatives for more responsible and sustainable trade.

Others are taking a stand with strong messages and advocating values of acceptance and freedom through inclusive and deeply human speeches.

Le Bon Marché is in turn committing to more ethical, sustainable and circular fashion, showcasing those labels making the fashions of tomorrow. Browse the selection!

Denim and ethical fashion

Upcycling to minimise waste

Upcycling involves salvaging materials or products that are no longer needed to transform them into more useful or higher-quality materials or products.

In concrete terms, the idea is to salvage materials or products we no longer use to create another object or product of higher value.

Le Bon Marché is offering an upcycling service in the Notify zone on the 1st floor. Give your denim a second life!

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MOTHER was founded in 2010 by LELA BECKER and TIM KAEDING in Los Angeles. With extensive denim backgrounds, they were determined to do it all differently. The brand evokes the memories and experiences of growing up in California in the 70s. Guided by spontaneity, MOTHER has grown into a lifestyle brand.

MOTHER believes in being part of something greater than itself and strives to make a difference through its collaborations. The motto, “MOTHER Loves You” is used to communicate acceptance, unity and equality. One of the brand’s missions is to practice what it preaches, by generating awareness and funds for various causes and issues affecting our world.

"Love Your Other" is a gender-neutral capsule collection dedicated to the freedom of being who you are, celebrating differences without judgment or labels.


Ever since 1873, the iconic Levi’s brand world-renowned for its jeans has been creating timeless clothing designed to last.

Levi's is expanding its Wellthread range for Autumn-Winter 2020. The collection is made from cottonised hemp to ensure that jeans last as long as possible. Designers for the brand are revolutionising the way its emblematic styles are manufactured, so as to create the most sustainable Levi’s collection ever designed.

The project is built on the dedicated founding principles of: production in workshops where employee well-being is respected, quality materials (as many of them as possible recycled), like hemp cottonised with rainwater, and developing new production techniques, like Water<Less™ technology.

Using hemp has allowed Levi’s to significantly reduce its water consumption. All Wellthread clothing is designed with a view to being recycled one day and made from entirely natural fibres.

The new Wellthread collection is the first collaboration with artist Nathaniel Russell, who is likewise very committed to the protection of the environment.

Accessorise your outfit with sustainable jewellery


Founded in 2010, Joanna's handcrafted designs are recognized for their unique craftsmanship. Plated in gold and rhodium, the pieces are encrusted with Swarovski Gemstones, semi-precious stones and Swarovski pearls to form stunning pieces.

The brand try its best to be environmentally proactive, first by using artisanal methods in production that are non-toxic and that need low energy requirements but also the brand try its best to recycle on very level from paper recycling to proper solution disposal. The packaging is made of a nude pink vegan leather and are beautifully made so that they can be re-used by our customers.

All jewelry is made to order.

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