Since 2012, the Parisian collective Etudes (also called Etudes Studio) has been presenting its various men's collections on French and international runways. In the Etudes Studio wardrobe, oversized T-shirts rub shoulders with dress shirts, and raw denim jeans tease daringly printed sweatshirts.
The six founding artists are inspired by the contemporary world to design original pieces that are in tune with the times. Already creators of JSBJ (which stands for Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes) and HIXSEPT, a publishing house, and a brand respectively, they have designed a distinctive logo to sign their creations. Several stars in a circle, in the style of the European flag, show an open-mindedness that can be found in their many prestigious collaborations, such as with Adidas, Starter, and Kani. Find hoodies, T-shirts, caps, and Etudes sunglasses among our selection of strong pieces for men.