Helmed by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the LEMAIRE brand offers a timeless Parisian style that is cosmopolitan, sophisticated and rich in influences. Crafted from fabrics selected for their quality and designed for everyday wear, the wardrobe is eminently modular—the supple silhouettes and soft color palette allow LEMAIRE outfits to be restyled and accented over time. LEMAIRE is about clothes, allowing people to tell and narrate their own stories, somewhere in between fiction and reality. The summer wardrobe is lighter, with supple, airy shirts, dresses and pajamas. Generous volumes leave room for movement. There is space between the wearer and the garment, but adjusted at the waist, at the ankle, to structure the silhouette and propose an almost invisible sophistication, a nonchalant elegance. 
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