Jacquemus is the story of a burn on the fashion world. Simon Jacquemus Porte, a young designer from Provence, launched, at just 19 years old, a minimalist and sunny ready-to-wear range, and encouraged haute couture to come down from its pedestal. After having created a range for women in honour of his beloved mother, he designed his first bohemian and sensual men's fashion range with southern overtones in 2019. In the men's ready-to-wear collection, blue, white, stripes, sunshine, poetry, Marseille and the 80s... In short: all the designer's passions! The music of happiness enchants the basics of the men's wardrobe like the suit jacket, flowers brighten up minimalist T-shirts or jeans ""from Nîmes"", the visual arts are present on a flowing shirt. The famous ""Chiquito"", king of the brand's leather goods, meets symbols of the 1980-90s such as the Artichoke bob or the fanny pack. Find all the Mediterranean elegance in our Jacquemus selection for men for a direct and relaxed style. 
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