Born out of a desire to create the ideal sneaker, Eytys breaks new boundaries in the creation of unisex shoes. Founded in 2013 in the town of Stockholm, this Swedish brand is dedicated to an innovative concept. In fact, it's not so much a design house as a platform to create relationships between artists all over the world. Eytys connects and showcases the creative community. The brand is the creation of two designers, Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld. What is their philosophy? To play with contrasts and proportions. Their sneakers reflect the elegance and minimalist style that characterizes Scandinavian design. The sole of the sneakers is thick and white. The upper, created from canvas, suede or leather epitomises the brand's demanding technical expertise. The colors remain classic. And, above all, these sneakers, both traditional and contemporary, are unisex. Eytys also creates collections of boots for men. They are forceful and imposing, with thick lugged soles.