Painter for more than twenty years, Caroline Basuyau is inspired by her travels to the farthest corners of the world to feed her creations. Very quickly, her visceral need to explore new territories, pushed her to imagine her works on other supports than the linen canvas. More than a reproduction of a work of art on silk twill, it is a true re-reading, a reinterpretation with an elegant work of colors, patterns, often tinged with exoticism. To create these superb accessories, she has made agreements with real French manufacturers, artisanal companies on a human scale, thus guaranteeing quality and high-end manufacturing. "We edit short and exclusive series, each purchaser of our products can thus appreciate the French excellence brought by our workshops. " Caroline decided to gather her fashion creations under an obvious entity: Maison Fétiche. "This House is protective, with a solid base and well-anchored historical foundations. "Fetish", the most evocative of words if there is one to define the artist's production, all her work is only the creation of animal fetishes in the noblest sense of the term: "Cultural object supposed to bring happiness and benevolence to the one who owns it."