In 1913, Prada was a leather goods store renowned for its sophisticated creations. Today, the prestigious Milanese brand has become an empire headed by Muccia Prada, the granddaughter of the brand's founder. The non-conformist designer has imposed her avant-garde, refined and eccentric vision of fashion on the world of luxury. Under his inspiration, the codes of virility are reinterpreted, the formal parts of the men's wardrobe find a burst of freedom and the essentials are radically rethought. From April 2020, Raf Simons will accompany the director in her reflection on free and responsible luxury. In our Prada men's selection, dress codes combine, and tradition meets innovation. In the shoe line, elegant saffiano leather moccasins embellished with the triangular logo meet original studded derbies and bold sneakers. From contemporary knits to vintage coats, reversible jackets to stretch shirts, the beloved nylon, Shetland wool, and lambskin leather reinvent men's ready-to-wear classics. The range of accessories celebrates the fusion of materials, volumes and forms. Here you will find all the makings of the Prada man. 
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