Santoni is the story of a family passion for leather and the creation of luxury shoes. The story bega in 1975 in Corridonia in Italy. The little company created by Andrea, the father, quickly became known for the quality of its shoes. At the same time, he was working on improving the fabrication process. The result is a brand that is well-known in the luxury fashion world. The need to innovate also drives Giuseppe, the son, now the head of the family business. Each product and each new design subtly reveals the care that goes into its creation. These are uniquely elegant shoes with meticulously considered finishes. And the men's collection reflects this perfectionism. The leather is worked to create different designs. The stitches are delicate and, of course, there is the double buckle, the Santoni signature. It can be seen on Derby shoes, loafers and even sneakers. Giving the relaxed form of the last an elegant detail. This touch of glamor makes them stand out from other designs. 
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