Bottega Veneta is an Italian haute couture designer with a very contemporary vision of fashion. Specialized in leather products, it creates original and highly individual bags. Since 1966 using its innovative skill has been the brand's principal activity. This decade was marked by an awakening in fashion, with designers who were capable of rethinking clothing. No longer just a practical accessory, it became the object of expression of the masculine personality. The brand has kept this avant-garde spirit as part of its DNA. At the beginning of the 70s Bottega Veneta created a bold new pattern in woven leather called Intrecciato. It has since become its visual signature. This weaving technique requires such skill that only this Italian brand can create it so beautifully. This craftsmanship can be felt in the quality of each of its creations: accessories that are minimalist but very elegant. A stylish blend of technical skill and artistic vision. Nowadays, Bottega Veneta remains one of the most sought after luxury brands on the international market. 
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