We are Lola James Harper. Family, artists and friends. We record folk and rock songs. We take too many pictures and we have gathered the fragrances of places and people we love around the world. Lola James Harper was founded in Paris in June 2013 by Rami Mekdachi and the Mekdachi family: Lili, Noé and Celine. Lola James Harper is a unique lifestyle brand and concept that translates the most cherished moments, places and friendships into pictures, fragrance, design, music and film. It’s a way of life, capturing and sharing life’s greatest memories from around the world. Lola James Harper creates and retails a range of candles, room sprays, eau de toilette fragrances, photography, clothing, music, coffee, cookies and furniture. Our collection of 19 scents of inspiring places are available in both a candle and room spray. The Eau de Toilette’s are personal potions about state of minds, philosophies of life and ways of being. We do what we love with people we love, we embrace what makes us happy and believe that together is always better.